#68 – Peril From The Stars (Adventure Game Book [UK])

A fun Choose Your Own Adventure story that uses time consistently.

1 month ago

Episode Notes

So, you can't use 'Choose Your Own Adventure' because it is copyrighted? Then go with 'Find Your Fate'. Oh, an American Company already registered that, too. Ok. Let's go with 'Adventure Book.' Too generic to copyright? Well, it's a game, right? Lets go with 'Adventure Game Book' (I assume this is how this was created).

So is this a knock-off UK Choose Your Own Adventure Book? Or is it a well-crafted story that uses time to interact with the story in a consistent fashion (that description was pretty specific)? So let's control your human child avatar, hook-up with Jazz, and try to save your Aunt & Uncle. Let the Adventure (Game Book) begin!

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