#67 – Dinobots Strike Back (Chose Your Fate)

Can we help the Dinobots not to die! Can we make a Dinobot stop being so lazy?

1 month ago

Episode Notes

We read a Choose Your Own Adventure / Find Your Fate book where all the Dinobots, except Swoop, have been mind-controlled by the Insecticons. Join us in what is a short book, but we somehow sepnd the longest time agonizing over which decision to choose to get the good ending. You would think it would be a Swoop Adventure, but no, the first third of the book is about stopping the mind-controlled Dinobots, and the next two-thirds follows Sludge on an adventure to stop some Decepticons with Bumblebee and Skids. Listen as the descriptions we are given don't always follow through with what they state would happen.

Read 'Transformers: Find Your Fate - Dinobot's Strike Back' along with us, and see the art that shows up, as well.

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